ENg Proyekto Kumpleaño

A project of Stichting Voeding op School Bonaire. 


Children from poor families receive a birthday present on their birthday.

Children are selected from the children from our food at school program. The selection is made in collaboration with social work of the Public Entity Bonaire. They know all the poor families.
Our Foundation ensures that there is a playpen for every child. Age and boy/girl are taken into account. The age is up to 4 to 12 years.

This year we want to qualify 240 children.
We also want to put together 20 baby packages and 20 adolescent packages (12-16 years).

We do not (yet) receive any compensation for this project. That is why we desperately need your donations and sponsorship.

For many children, a birthday with gifts, visitors and treats at school is a matter of course. This is not the case for many children on Bonaire. They cannot celebrate their birthday because there is too little or even no money at home. On the most beautiful day of the year, these children do not receive a present, there are no streamers and balloons and they cannot treat themselves at school. They sometimes call in sick themselves out of shame.